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Proactive Despatch - COVid19 Statement

by Craig Hyland

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 1:32 PM



Dear Service Providers,

As you are aware the COVid19 advice is changing daily. At Proactive we care about your health, the health of your families and the health of the general public.


In an effort to prevent the spread of infection we are taking the following action;


Signatures – Use Paper PODs AND the mobile App

Main Points

  • Complete the Mobile App as normal but Do Not ask the customer to sign the app
  • Complete our paper PODs until further notice for every collection/delivery. (these are attached)
  • Obtain signatures on the Paper POD only.
  • Ask the customer to use their own pen to sign.
  • Send an image of the paperwork by email or message only if requested.



Mobile devices often come into contact with your face in particularly the mouth and ears. In order to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus by contact between your mobile device and the other members of the public, we will not require you to obtain a signature on your mobile device until further notice. Still complete the app as normal but do not ask the customer to sign on your device.

Instead please complete a paper POD for every job and obtain signatures on the paper POD and ask the customer to use their own pen.


Paper POD

It is extremely important that the POD is completed in full for both collection and delivery to include


The Docket Number




Collection Address

Delivery Address

Arrival Times and Loaded Times

Arrival Times and Unloaded Times

Quantity and Description of freight

Quantity and Description of freight

Customers Printed Name

Customers Printed Name

Customers Signature

Customers Signature


Please retain these Paper PODs and send in with your invoicing.  Ensure you photocopy these paper pods before you post them as if they are lost in the post you cannot prove you have delivered the items. You may be asked to take an image of the Paper POD and send via message, email or whatsapp only if requested by one of the team. (See amended invoicing procedure below).


Why complete paper PODs?

Because in 100% cases we need a signature to get paid from the customer and to pay you. As it is not good advice to sign on the app then a paper POD using the customer own pen to sign is the next best option.


Mobile App

Please ensure that you continue to complete the NX transport App but without the signatures so you do not have to let anyone else touch your mobile device.


Why Complete the App?

Completing the mobile app updates the office when you have arrived on site, when you have collected and delivered and due to geolocation allows us to prove you were on site at the time these actions were taken.

Updating the mobile app and also emails the customer automatically so they know when collection and delivery has been made.


Customer Paperwork

There may be customer paperwork/delivery notes that must be completed. In these cases ensure that the person signing does so and using their own pen. Send these in with invoicing as normal. You may be asked to take an image of the paperwork and send via message, email or whatsapp. (See amended invoicing procedure below).



As a result of the recent advice from the government all Proactive Despatch employees are working remotely from home and the office is now essentially closed.

As a result all invoices must be scanned and emailed to

Please see invoicing procedure below;


Electronic Invoicing Procedure


  • Every week (by no later than Tuesday afternoon) you will receive a work summary detailing the work you did for us the previous week up to Sunday
  • Check the work summary for accuracy, paying particular attention to your bank details on the bottom left hand side
  • If you have a query regarding any job/amount please email and your query will be processed and responded to by the queries team asap.  If a correction is required an adjustment will be raised which will appear as a job from WA9 to WA9 on the following week’s summary or, if an overpayment, we will deduct the difference from a future job as agreed with you
  • Forward the work summary to
  • In the subject field enter “Invoice for Payment xxxx” (where xxxx is the work summary number)
  • In the body of the email enter “Please accept the attached work summary as my invoice for payment. I have checked it for accuracy.”
  • It is important that you continue to post any other paperwork required (eg customer copy or hardcopy PODs)
  • Retain copies of everything for 2 years for HMRC reasons


On receipt of your email we will:

  • Record the date received
  • Process your invoice for payment in line with your agreed terms



Any items already sent by post will be received. Currently, the post will be collected daily between 2pm and 3pm. Going forward we cannot confirm this will always be the case as the opening of the Storage Team reception is beyond our control.

Any post left with the Storage team office must be correctly addressed for Proactive Despatch - Post Box No 4.


Just want to thank you all for your support at this time and be assured we will all continue to work hard to maximise our continued ability to earn at the same time as reducing the public health risk and strain on the NHS.

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